UACB principal, Kyle Jones, has extensive personal experience in the design of entire physical security systems from the architectural concept stage through construction and move-in. Working with project managers, space planners, a host of contractors and tenants with competing needs, he designed entire security packages for the four major federal courthouses in the Bay Area as well as several satellite offices. These projects included weapons screening points, armed guard forces, surveillance cameras, secure executive suites, access controls, command centers, antiballistic protection and counterterrorism defenses and, in some cases, prisoner detention facilities.

UACB can provide an affordable physical security assessment with recommendations for your home, small business or corporation and we will oversee the installation of systems by trusted security equipment vendors to ensure your goals are achieved. Training and experience with terrorist methods of operation will be incorporated into your security to help you detect suspicious activity and be prepared to elevate your protection level during times of regional or national crisis.

Security of your information is also a key concern and UACB can deliver a network vulnerability assessment scaled to your needs. For highly sensitive meetings, UACB can search and scan your site for weaknesses in your wired and wireless systems to prevent accidental egress of confidential information or, worse, an intentional eavesdropping by sophisticated criminals, competitors or foreign intelligence services. Our experts in the cyber security industry can assess your entire computer network for vulnerabilities by conducting penetration tests that mimic techniques used by experienced hackers. They can also correct weaknesses and provide you with a rapid response in the event of an attempted intrusion.

If personal security becomes an issue through threats to you, your family or business, UACB can provide static and mobile surveillance at key points and locations to keep you secure.

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