UACB offers discreet investigative services for a variety of issues that require extra sensitivity. Before taking any actions, we first conduct comprehensive records checks through our access to special databases, a unique contract with the leader in social media intelligence and a query of our sensitive sources. The results of this research will give you a strong foundation to decide on your next steps whether they be surveillance, use of confidential sources, interviews or other techniques.

For example, prior to terminating an employee based upon mere accusations or suspicions, UACB will work with your general counsel or company attorney to conduct a low-key investigation of all the parties involved followed by non-confrontational interviews so that you, as an employer, can have all of the facts at your disposal before making a final decision. This diminishes the likelihood of a wrongful termination suit or the other mistake of exposing your other employees to a known risk. If you have an employee who you feel is a candidate for potentially causing workplace violence in the future, UACB can use discreet surveillance in conjunction with established liaison with Bay Area law enforcement or federal agencies to get ahead of such an incident.

When you’ve become the victim of a fraud or online scam, UACB can attempt to identify and locate the perpetrator and your lost assets through record checks and our membership in a network of other former FBI agents in the US and abroad. If applicable, UACB can guide you in reporting your loss to the attention of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.

UACB can also help you when you find that the amount of your loss through the breach of a contract, failure to perform, or simple theft seems to be too little for law enforcement to assist but also too much to simply let go. We can often conduct a very brief and affordable preliminary investigation that you can use in small claims court or in discussions with your own personal attorney.

Individuals or families of notoriety or high net worth are often the target of threats, extortion or stalking. UACB will utilize FBI experience with similar situations to quickly and quietly assess the threat, identify the source and either dissuade further activity or work with law enforcement to build a prosecution. UACB can also provide armed protection to affected individuals pending a satisfactory outcome or neutralization of the threat. Family offices and celebrities can also use UACB as a discreet resource for any other issues that arise such as hiring of new staff, the screening of vendors coming into the home, threat assessment of travel plans and ready response to any other personal issues.

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