Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, having command of the facts is critical to a successful outcome in your litigation.

UACB investigators draw upon their FBI experience in having provided support to federal prosecutors in complex cases against outstanding opposing counsel. During their federal careers, UACB private investigators have been affiants for criminal wiretap applications, major arrests and high-profile search warrants as well as court orders for electronic surveillance of spies and terrorists. FBI investigative reports, complaints and affidavits are considered the gold standard in law enforcement and intelligence circles. Similarly, UACB investigative reports are free of ambiguity, speculation and mistakes. You will only be furnished with facts that can survive examination by the most aggressive and capable attorneys. UACB will employ this strict adherence to facts and the truth to support your case and ensure that fairness prevails.

Because of UACB’s nationwide and international reach, we can run-down leads anywhere as they emerge, even in the midst of trial or arbitration. UACB also has access to some of the top expert witnesses available. We can provide your litigation team with the kind of resources typically only available to government prosecutors. Nothing will give your case more credibility than a former FBI Special Agent testifying in open court about indisputable facts.

Whether you are a small business who you believe is the victim of a frivolous lawsuit, an insurance company needing to discreetly validate a large claim, a tech company whose intellectual property has been stolen or a global giant in need of defense, UACB has the training, experience and ability to assist you in your legal battles.

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