When making an investment into a promising start-up or established company or when contemplating a merger or acquisition, you and your team have undoubtedly done your homework and know what moves make sense for you. Take advantage of UACB’s experience and training gained from careers in the FBI to go beyond your own exhaustive research and business instincts.

UACB will confirm the identities of all key players and their secondary and tertiary connections that may be problematic. We will help you know who you are dealing with – better. We utilize many of the same methods and techniques we applied against transnational criminal shell companies and espionage front companies in the FBI to uncover undisclosed relationships that could impact your decisions. Threats can range from a motivated entrepreneur simply misstating the facts to unwitting accomplices being used to fraudulently obtain funding to very sophisticated efforts of competitors, criminals and foreign intelligence services.

UACB uses its background investigation methodology to investigate each significant person in the involved company and prepare a distinct, separate report for each. This will often identify unreported affiliations, reputation issues, past financial missteps or simply generate additional questions for you to pose to the company for full clarity.

UACB also partners with leading network cybersecurity experts, comprised of former members of the national security community, to assess potential acquisitions or recipients of funding as to their exposure to cyber intrusions by competitors, criminals and foreign intelligence services, thus, preventing you from funding expensive intellectual property research only to have it stolen by these same entities. In the words of the Director of the FBI, “There are two kinds of big companies in the United States. There are those who’ve been hacked by the Chinese and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked by the Chinese.” Ensure that your due diligence includes this often overlooked bedrock issue.

Benefit from UACB’s due diligence experience and know more about the background, associates and qualifications of key business contacts who you’re entrusting with your personal and professional reputation.

Even if you are not an international company, globalization is no longer just a trend and international links are commonplace even for local San Francisco Bay Area businesses. UACB can help you learn more about new suppliers and vendors that you deal with no matter the location.

UACB defers to your industry knowledge and business acumen to identify your investment opportunities and selection of business partners but offers an additional layer of scrutiny that you, in turn, can factor into your decisions.

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