The San Francisco Bay Area is home not only to Fortune 500 firms and the world’s best tech companies but also to thousands of local businesses. Large or small, every company should know as much as possible about who they are considering for employment or advancement.

Employees often come from outside the Bay Area, outside of California and even outside the United States. Conducting a thorough pre-employment background investigation for a job applicant must include more than local investigation of the immediate past and the use of online services that advertise “national background checks”. Alone, these can provide misleading results.

To get accurate information about a person’s past, many states, counties and cities require a personal visit by an investigator to search not only criminal histories and campus police records but also local business records and court records that are often not included in so-called “national background checks”. In addition, on-the-ground investigators are needed to conduct other critical inquiries such as face-to-face interviews with past employers and coworkers, personal references, landlords, teachers and professors, mental health counselors and neighbors. This thorough approach of accounting for every day of a potential employee’s past can often identify gaps caused by incarceration, unemployment, failed business ventures, drug diversion programs, overseas employment, psychological treatment and other personal crises that applicants would rather not be considered.

UACB is part of an international network of former FBI Special Agents and has immediate reach anywhere in the United States and virtually anywhere in the world to accurately and thoroughly document the past of people you are considering for positions of trust and responsibility inside of your business here in the Bay Area. UACB can craft a background investigation to meet your specific needs and scale the investigation to meet your budget from entry-level positions to company executives and board members. UACB conducts 20-point background investigations on a contract basis for the FBI and will apply skills sharpened in this work to help you make the best hiring decisions.

In every background investigation, UACB explores issues of your applicant’s character, their associates, reputation, loyalty, ability to do the job, biases and prejudices, financial responsibility, abuse of alcohol and prescription drugs, illegal drug use, judgement, trustworthiness, responsibility and other custom criteria identified by you. UACB also offers a Foreign Influence component that examines the nature of an applicant’s relationship with foreign businesses, governments, militaries and intelligence services. The Foreign Influence component also addresses an applicant’s foreign obligations, financial ties, foreign monetary entitlements, political involvement, travel and any roles as a foreign consultant or advisor whether it be to a foreign government or a foreign business.

UACB also has a unique contract with the leading provider of social media intelligence that allows for a comprehensive look at an applicant’s online activities with special attention paid to issues that may impact your company’s reputation in the future.

Choose UACB for your background investigation needs here in the Bay Area and benefit from our worldwide reach.

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